[Zoho Social] How Social Channels' Integration Works in Zoho Social?

[Zoho Social] How Social Channels' Integration Works in Zoho Social?

How Social Channels' Integration Works in Zoho Social?

When we allow a social channel to be connected in Zoho Social, the social network generates an access token, which Zoho uses to administer social channels and  lead generation. Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn access tokens have a 60-days lifespan. For other networks, the access token expiry isn't strictly set by them, but may expire. When an access token expires, we will have to reconnect that social channel in Zoho Social to renew its access token and reactivate the integration.

Access tokens can also expire if the credentials or admin role for an account change, or if we remove Zoho Social's permissions from the account. Please keep in mind that social networks may expire a user's access token sooner than the set time for security reasons. This can cause third-party apps like Zoho Social to have to reconnect.

Why do we receive a notification from Zoho Social to reconnect our social page?

How to Configure Permissions?

Once the account has been linked via a Facebook admin account, the administrator must allow Zoho Social all required permissions. To update Zoho Social's permissions in Facebook's settings, please refer to the following instructions.
  1. Log in to Facebook Admin account and access Business Integrations in Settings: https://www.facebook.com/settings?tab=business_tools
  2. In Business Integrations settings, click View and edit next to Zoho Social to update permissions.
  3. In the next pop-up, you will see Page permissions under Manage your Pages, Publish as Pages you manage, Access your Facebook Pages' messages, etc.
  4. Please ensure that the Facebook Page has a tick under each section — as missing just one permission could break the integration and lead to sync failure.
  5. Click Save.

How to Configure Lead Access?

As the Lead Forms integration is now set up by the Facebook Admin, please ensure they also have Leads Access in the Business Manager settings:
  1. Go to the Business Manager Settings and click on Leads Access under Integrations in the left-panel: https://business.facebook.com/settings/leads-accesses
  2. Select the brand Facebook Page.
  3. Check and assign CRM & People access to Zoho Social and the Facebook admin.

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