Enabling Virtual Camera for MacOS Desktop App

[Zoho Meeting] Enabling Virtual Camera for MacOS Desktop App

Zoho Meeting runs natively on Chrome and Firefox browsers, but unfortunately one always need to use the desktop app if they are on Safari. If you are using the desktop app on a Mac, you will notice that virtual camera from streaming softwares like OBS, ECamm etc is not listed in the camera selection. With some commands run through Terminal you can enable the virtual camera for you to use in Zoho Meeting.

Open up Terminal and run these commands (in bold):

1. xcode-select --install
(This will install the command line tools in Mac - if you haven't done it before. You will asked to enter your Admin password to proceed)

2. sudo codesign --remove-signature "/Applications/Zoho Meeting.app"

3. sudo codesign --remove-signature "/Applications/Zoho Meeting.app/Contents/Frameworks/Zoho Meeting Helper.app"

The path of your Zoho Meeting app might be different if you installed the app at the user level. You may check the actual path as below:

a. From your desktop, right-click on the Zoho Meeting icon->Options->Show in Finder.

b. At the bottom of the of the Finder window you can again do a right-click on the Zoho Meeting icon->Copy "Zoho Meeting.app" as Pathname

c. To get the path of the "Zoho Meeting Helper.app", locate the app in Finder, do a right-click->Show Package Contents. Then, you may follow step b again.

Relaunch Zoho Meeting and you will be able to see the virtual camera as one of the selection. Voila!

Tips: You may apply the same approach above for other online meeting tools like Zoho Cliq, Zoom, Teams etc. 
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