Integration Between Zoho Expense and Zoho People

[Zoho Expense] Integration Between Zoho Expense and Zoho People

If you subscribed to Zoho People and Zoho Expense, these two applications can be integrated. It means the employee's data will be synced once the admin has added them as a user.

How to sync?
Go to Login Zoho ExpenseSettings > Integrations > Zoho Apps > Choose Zoho People

How does it work?
It will import all data of your Employees, Department, Clients and Projects from Zoho People to Zoho Expense. You need to be an admin for both applications to enable the integration.

Important Notes!
  1. You need to be an admin for both applications to enable the integration.
  2. It will automatically update the approval flow in Zoho Expense and the reporting manager will be added as an Approver for employees who report to them. (You can change the user role later according to your approval flow in the organization.)
  3. Auto-update occurs every 24 hours. (This means when you have added the user, it will not immediately sync as the application will take time to auto-update once a day.)

Sync Modules
For this part of the integration, you need to do the mapping in Zoho Expense and  Zoho People under Employee. Click 'Edit' to map the related field for both applications.

What is instant sync?
If you don't want to wait for the auto-update to occur, you can manually sync by click 'Instant Sync'. This option will immediately sync the data from Zoho People to Zoho Expense.

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