[Zoho Directory] Setting Up Password Policy

[Zoho Directory] Setting Up Password Policy

Passwords are used for most authentication. Numerous users re-use weak passwords across multiple online accounts, jeopardising the security of their organisations. Require safe passwords from your users to prevent this. 

Using Zoho Directory, you can configure your password policy as follows:
  1. Sign in to Zoho Directory , then click Admin Panel in the left menu.
  2. Go to Security > Security Policies > Password Policy > Setup.
  3. After making the changes click Update Policy.

Once changed ask the user to logout and login. When they tried to login they will get this pop-up which will ask them to set the new password as per companies new password policy.
  The maximum number of login attempts is twenty. A warning will appear after the fourteenth try. And user unable to input the password after the twentieth attempt. If a user forgets their password, the forgot password option allows them to reset it. 

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