How to Add a Help Article in Zoho Desk When Replying to a Ticket

[Zoho Desk] Add a Help Article When Replying to a Ticket

Add a help article when replying to a ticket

When replying to a ticket in Zoho Desk, you can add existing article from your knowledge base. You can either add the whole article to the reply or add a link to the article. Follow the steps below to do it.
  1. On reply the ticket screen, navigate to left pane and click on suggested article button
  2. Then, select or search for desired article

i. Adding the whole article

  1. Click on the "Paste to Ticket"

  1. You will see that the whole article is in the ticket now

ii. Adding the article link

  1. Click on the "Share link to Ticket"

  1. The link to the article will appear on the ticket

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