Payex Registration

[Zoho Books] Payex Registration

Zoho Books is now integrated with Payex - a Malaysian payment gateway provider with attractive rates. This means that you can now get your customers to make online payments through the invoices issued from Zoho Books and have them marked automatically as paid once payment is made. Easy huh???

But before you can proceed to install the Payex extension in Zoho Books, you first need to have an account with Payex.

1. Register an account with Payex (if you don’t have any yet).
Skip to this article to install the extension if you already have an active merchant account with Payex.

2. Follow the steps to complete the registration. Different types of business entities will require a different set of supporting documents, so it is best to prepare them beforehand.
The example below will show a Personal account registration. Payex only allows this type of registration as a placeholder while you get your business registered with SSM. A merchant needs to be registered as a valid business entity as part of Bank Negara's compliance.




Pick your plan and continue.



Payex may take up to 24 business hours to verify and approve your application. You will get an email from Payex once your application is approved. Click on the link to accept the terms and conditions.


A sample T&C from Payex. The rates may vary based on your chosen plan and time period. Hit ‘I agree’ to proceed.


You will then get an email for your credentials to access the Payex portal. Use this to login and make sure to change your password during your first-time login.

If you chose SME or Custom plan, you are required to sign up for the automatic deduction by clicking the mandate link. Your settlements will be withheld if this step is not completed.
Now that you have a Payex account set up, let's see how we can install the extension to your Zoho Books account. Go to this article for the next steps.

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