How to Edit Assignment Rules in Zoho Desk

[Zoho Desk] How to Edit Assignment Rules

Assignment rules help you automatically assign the tickets that are received in your Zoho Desk. The rule is based on certain specified conditions that can route tickets to the appropriate department and further assign ownership to it. While this makes sense for new tickets, you can also trigger an assignment rule when tickets are updated in your help desk.

  • Assignment rules are applicable only for the Tickets module.
  • Only users with Profile permission for managing Help Desk Automation can access this feature.
  • You can create a maximum of 5 rules, 15 rules, and 30 rules per organization in the Standard, Professional, and Enterprise editions, respectively.
  • Each rule can be associated with a maximum of 5 targets and can associate up to 25 different criteria
The client can edit the assignment rule as follow:
  1. Click the Setup icon  ) in the top bar.
  2. In the Setup Landing page, click Assignment Rules under Automation
  3. Click Direct assignment under Assignment Rules 
  4. And by clicking an existing rule, you will be able to see the below layout after closely following mentioned steps 
  5. You may edit the Rule Name and Description of the rule. 
  6. You can specify the Execution Criteria for the rule by choosing either "Ticket Update" or "Ticket Create" or both.
  7. In the "Ticket coming to", specify the target of tickets to which this rule will apply to. For example, If you choose "Customer Experience" department in this field, the rule will only apply to the tickets created in this particular department only.

  8. You may then proceed to enter the required criteria as shown below

  9. Then, choose where you want to move the tickets to and specify a particular agent in that department if you want to.

After you follow all of the steps explained above. you may click "Save".

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