Zoho Projects - Using Templates for Faster Project Creation

[Zoho Projects] Use Templates for Faster Project Creation

What are Project Templates?

Project Templates is a feature within Zoho Projects that can help you save time and increase productivity by reducing redundant work.

Below are some of the benefits of using Templates:
  1. Make copies of and use the format and content from previous projects.
  2. Create a standard way of doing things.
  3. Customize a project to your liking after using the template. 
  4. Save time by creating a template for repeated projects.
  5. Set task dependencies in project templates.

Which edition has templates?

1. Premium (20 templates)
2. Enterprise (30 templates)

How To Create a Template?

1. On the left panel, select Projects.
2. Select the drop-down on All Projects > Choose Project Templates

3. Click New Project Template > Add Project Template form will appear > Fill information related to the project > Add Project Template

Project Template Name - Create a name for the template that you intend to call it i.e. Consulting Project
Choose from Projects - Choose any existing projects
Description - Enter a description related to the project.
Task Layout - Select the task layout. 
Tags - Enter tag name based on relevant information.

4. Once it has been completed you should see the following.

5. On the top panel, select Users > Add Users

6. You can choose to add Portal Users or New Users > Select Add

7. Upon successfully adding the user, click OK. 
8. Once you are able to see the user added into the list of users within the template, you're done!

Once the Template has been done, it should be available to be selected when you create a new project within Zoho CRM.

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