Deleting Zoho Recruit Organization

[Zoho Recruit] Deleting Zoho Recruit Organization

This is a common problem when you have your own Zoho Recruit organization, and your admin has its own Zoho Recruit organization. When this happens, your admin cannot invite you to join its organization because you already in another one. The solution? delete your organization and have your admin invite you again afterward. To delete your Zoho Recruit Organization:
  1. In your Zoho Recruit, go to Setup (the tools icon on top right)
  2. Go to Company Details under GENERAL
  3. Scroll down until you see "Delete Organization". Click on it and confirm. 
  4. Your Zoho Recruit organization is now successfully deleted.
Warning: Deleted organization cannot be retrieved. Make sure you do this with extreme caution. Only the admin of the organization can do this. All of the other users under the organization, if any, will have their access disable as well when you delete your organization.

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