[Zoho SalesIQ] Cookie Management Enhancements

[Zoho SalesIQ] Cookie Management Enhancements

Zoho have got a significant update to SalesIQ's cookie management that gives your website visitors absolute control over their data privacy. With their latest update of the SalesIQ cookie banner, your website visitors can now easily manage their cookie preferences, ensuring a more transparent and personalized experience on your website.

What's Changed?

The awaited all-new SalesIQ cookie configurations allow for user's self-management of cookies, as well as the use of an exclusive SalesIQ banner for cookie consent.

  • Self-managed cookies: Tailor your own cookie consent
Zoho knows and understands that every website has unique requirements for cookie management. For those who have their own cookie management in place, we've got you covered! Our cookie APIs allow you to seamlessly include SalesIQ's cookies into your consent banner. This means that you can consolidate all your cookie requisites and give visitors the freedom to decide which cookies they allow on your website.

The flow for the API implementation is as follows:
  1. .privacy.getCookieList() API - to get the list of cookies used by Zoho SalesIQ before loading the cookie consent. 
  2. .privacy.updateCookieConsent() API - to set the cookie consent preferences for the Zoho SalesIQ cookies, and then sharing the consent provided for it.

  • Use the SalesIQ banner for cookie consent
For those seeking a hassle-free solution, Zoho have developed the SalesIQ cookie consent banner to easily display a user-friendly banner to your visitors, allowing them to manage SalesIQ cookies based on their preferences. This banner shows three separate sets of cookies: essential, performance, and analytics. Visitors can set their own cookie preferences as per their choice.

Note: In the previous configurations, Zoho had the option to display an info banner informing visitors about the use of cookies when they enter your website. Visitors were given the choice to either accept or reject the cookie usage. However, there wasn't a way to achieve selective cookie control by visitors. It also required businesses with their own cookie management to display dual banners—their own banner as well as the SalesIQ cookie banner. The new SalesIQ cookie policy addresses these concerns with updated settings, resolving both limitations.

Zoho firmly believes that data privacy is paramount in today's digital landscape. With the SalesIQ cookie banner, Zoho empowers your website visitors to take control of your website's cookie experience, adhering to the highest privacy standards and ultimately helping you build trust with your audience.