[Zoho Meeting] New Files Tab

[Zoho Meeting] New Files Tab

We’re excited to share a few updates for Zoho Meeting.

A new Files tab to manage all your PDFs, PPTs, Video files and recordings, live transcription during sessions, ability to lock settings and also adaptive echo cancellation for better audio and other enhancements for a better experience.

Introducing the new Files tab, 

The Files tab will help you to manage and access all of your recordings, PDFs, PPTs, and video files easily. You can upload the materials you would like to share during your sessions here even before the session starts.

Lock Settings

Admins can now lock certain settings and implement it to the whole organization. For example, if the admin has switched on auto recording and locked the setting for the organization, all meetings held will be automatically recorded.

Live Transcription using Rev.AI

Enabling the Rev AI integration will help you with seamless real-time transcription of your webinars, enhancing accessibility for all attendees. You can access, export and share all transcripts with just a click of a button.