[Zoho CRM] Zia Strategy Influencer Enhancements

[Zoho CRM] Zia Strategy Influencer Enhancements

Zoho is thrilled to introduce a couple of enhancements to Zia Strategy Influencer's Target Contributors and Anomaly Finder components—providing details in segments to help you prioritize your goals better. Read along to know the benefits of these enhancements!

Goals are like mileposts for businesses. It motivates them to achieve and exceed performance, indicates progress, and provides a sense of accomplishment. However, not all goals that businesses set are attained—there are logistic issues when it comes to execution.  Lack of clarity and direction, and lack of adherence, are among the reasons why businesses fail to meet them. Zia's Strategy Influencer is an AI tool that predicts the right goal for your business and prescribes actions to attain that goal. With its machine learning prowess, Zia could easily identify the most performing/contributing factors in your database and hand them right on your plate. All you have to do is to start working on them.

A quick recall: Under the components—Target Contributors and Anomaly Finder, you'll find a list of factors that are contributing towards the predicted goal. They will look like this:
Average of duration of calls with type as Negotiation and potential's time index is this week
A factor is a combination of fields, field values present in the chosen module, and their attributes. These are Zia-derived factors, that are most related to the target metrics, computed after understanding your database and your business performance.
So without further ado, let's get into the details!

What's the enhancement?

Thus far, Zia has displayed up to 30 contributing factors for the Target Contributor component out of which you can hand-pick 15 factors that you think are feasible to attain and work on its prescription.

Now, Zoho has used Zia's pattern recognition and correlation ability to segment the factors based on a certain attribute or character. That is, Zia—as it learns, it will cluster data with similar patterns and behaviours, and display contributing factors as segments. Until now, they had goals - now to optimize its use and efficiently use it, they have segmented these goals. 

In the same way, Zoho has also segmented the anomaly reasons for the Anomaly Finder component.

How segmented factors will benefit your business?

Goals are good for business—that's an undeniable fact. But those goals are also supposed to be organized in such a way one understands its importance and relevance to your business. Segmenting your goals based on their attributes has the following benefits:

Often times in business, analysts produce a range of projections. Yet, the sales manager zeroes in on what is truly significant. In the same vein, when factors are presented in a disorganized manner, they divert attention from the potential or beneficial goals. Segmenting factors based on behaviour is essential for the clear identification of beneficial attributes. This allows for prioritization of goals and offers a structured approach.

With the introduction of Segments, a customer gains clarity on which areas require more attention. Within each Segment, they can delve deeper to understand the contributing factors, thereby gaining insight into how to achieve that segment's expected value. Instead of sifting through a plethora of goals spread out across various areas, Segments streamline this process. It pinpoints which specific areas warrant concentration, and the integral factors within those segments guide the customer on the path to reaching their target. Previously, users faced the daunting task of navigating 30 factors scattered across different areas. Now, with a more organized approach, efficiency and focus are enhanced.

These segments will appear only if a new Zia Strategy Influencer dashboard is created or the existing one is retrained.