[Zoho Desk] Send WhatsApp Messages from Zoho Desk Contact Module

[Zoho Desk] Send WhatsApp Messages from Zoho Desk Contact Module

Now, you can send WhatsApp texts through Desk's Contacts module.
A WhatsApp message sent to a phone number that belongs to an end user's device is an outbound WhatsApp message. You can now send one or multiple template messages to one or more recipients. Template messages can be sent and received at any time. 

When you send a WhatsApp message, you have to use a template message, which is a pre-approved, customised message used to send customers alerts.

Note: Each template needs to be created and pre-approved by WhatsApp.

How to send outbound messages via WhatsApp

We have introduced a simple, one-click process for sending a message to customers through the popular WhatsApp channel, directly from Desk's Contacts module.

To send a WhatsApp message from the Contacts module, open the Contacts module and find a contact. Then, tap the contact's info to open the contact's detail view. On the contact's detail view, tap the WhatsApp logo next to their phone number. This will open the WhatsApp Template Messaging screen, where you can select a template message from the list of options and send it.