[Zoho Desk] New Shared Snippet Feature

[Zoho Desk] New Shared Snippet Feature

Zoho is excited to announce that their highly anticipated snippet sharing feature is now available to all users.

As you know, snippets are pre-defined message templates, or canned messages, that help agents respond to tickets with efficiency. Snippets make it easy to answer common questions without worrying about inadvertent errors in the response.   

Now, we've made snippets even more convenient!

Often, tickets are shared within an organization, escalated to superiors, or transferred between agents. In these cases, the tone, content, and context of the response is likely to change.

While every individual has their own style of expression, it is crucial to maintain consistency in responses to customers.
If a ticket is escalated or assigned to different agents, it can be jarring for a customer, especially if they've become accustomed to a particular interaction style. This inconsistency may lead to confusion, frustration, or even a loss of confidence in the support process.

To address this, we now provide the option to share snippets with other users in an organization. Sharing snippets will help organizations maintain uniformity in responses sent to ticket requestors.

Agents or users can only see snippets that have been shared with them, along with snippets they've created. 
Shared Snippets is available in the New UI.

Different types of snippets can be created and snippet usage can be regulated based on the circumstances.
When creating a new snippet, the user has the option to share the snippet with others or keep it private.

To ensure uniformity, shared snippets can only be edited by the creator.