[Zoho Desk] Monthly Release Round-up - June 2023

[Zoho Desk] Monthly Release Round-up - June 2023

We are glad to provide a summary of the improvements and enhancements made by Zoho last month.

Introducing Google Analytics 4 Integration

With the demise of Universal Analytics (UA) on July 1st, 2023, Zoho have introduced Zoho Desk connection with Google Analytics 4. GA4 is a powerful analytical tool that can provide critical insights into the Help Center's operation.

Understanding user behaviour and preferences can help an organisation evaluate the performance of its Knowledge Base, Community, and support services.

The following are some critical insights that may be tracked with GA4:
  • Customer interactions should be measured in the following ways: Track analytics such as the amount of article clicks. This information allows you to assess engagement levels and find areas for improvement.
  • Track user involvement with knowledge base articles: Calculate the amount of time customers spend on each post. This measure gives you information on the relevancy and efficacy of your content. It assists you in identifying popular articles and optimising those that may need better.
  • Examine navigation routes: Keep track of the pages users visit and the order in which they obtain information. This allows you to better analyse user behaviour and reorganise folders or sections as needed.

Setting visibility of macro rules

Macros are a set of actions that allow agents to save time and effort by automating some of the regular activities they perform such as replying to emails, updating fields or creating tasks.
So far, the macro rules that were created would be visible to all users across organization. Now, Zoho have provided an option to select the users, teams or roles that can view or access the macro rules.
Once the visibility is set, users can view only those rules that are relevant to them.

Data encryption available in Reports

The following fields in the reports can be encrypted: single line, integer, email, phone, percent, decimal, URL, single picklist, currency, and date. Data encryption is available for all editions.

Increased picklist value count for Nested Picklists

Earlier to mark a picklist field as nested it was mandatory to have 500 values. This prevented admins from marking the fields that had more than 500 values as nested. To overcome this Zoho are now allowing picklist fields that have up to 1500 values to be marked as nested.