[Zoho Desk] Monthly Release Round-up - July 2023

[Zoho Desk] Monthly Release Round-up - July 2023

We're glad to give you a quick rundown of the new features and improvements that came out last month.

Additional Options Included for Automatic Spam Detection

While setting automatic spam detection, admins can choose from the following options to be more precise while declaring the ticket and/or the contact as spam:
  • Mark only the suspicious tickets as spam and not the associated contacts.
  • Mark both the Ticket and Contact as spam.
  • Mark the tickets as spam, however do not mark the contact if they have other valid Tickets.

Enhancements in Guided Conversation

The following inclusions were made in the Guided Conversation:

Introducing Location Block in Guided Conversation

Location block is a question block that allows customers to share their live location or addresses of places during the chat session. The location can be viewed in Map and the coordinates can also be shared. 

View Performance of GC Flows with Flow Metrics

Admins can monitor the number of users that entered the flow, participated in the chat, the route they chose, the choice block they prefer and more using the Flow Metrics. Use the information to improvize the flows for better adoption and increased usage. 

Notify Help Center Users Upon Deactivation

Users of the help centre used to get an email when they were deactivated from Zoho Desk. This was done by default. Now, admins can turn off the notification from the Setup > Channels > Help Center > Help Center Permissions. 

Allowing Public Comments on Knowledge Base Articles

Visitors or customers can post a comment in the articles which can be viewed and answered by other users promoting a platform for discussion. Agents can respond to the comments, convert them to tickets that can be followed-up by the customers themselves. Other customers who have similar issues can quickly find a solution by referring to the comments. Additionally, there is an option to tag the exact heading of an article, that specifically helps readers highlight a section they find incomprehensible.

Hour Time Slot Provided to Define Idle Timeout

Currently, idle timeout for agents can be set in minutes ranging from 5 to 55 minutes. Now, an additional hour slot has been added with a maximum limit of 8 hours. The maximum idle time slot can be set as 8 hours and 55 minutes. 

Resetting Article Insights

Under article insights one can see the number of views, likes, and dislikes received on each knowledge base article. Overtime, the content of an article is modified either with new details or removal of obsolete points or a complete revamp of the content. In such cases, its best to capture fresh insights to know readers feedback. To facilitate this, Zoho are now allowing resetting of views, likes, and dislikes for each article.