[Zoho Desk] Monthly Release Round-up August 2023

[Zoho Desk] Monthly Release Round-up August 2023

Zoho is happy to share a quick overview of the features and enhancements that were released last month.

Introducing Teams logos

While creating teams, logos can be used to represent each team for quick identification. Users can recognize the teams with the help of their logos during:
  • Creation of ticket
  • Assigning tickets or tasks manually
  • Viewing tickets in various work modes
  • While tagging teams in ticket comments
  • Viewing associated tickets of an Account or Contact

Set category and sub-section of an article while cloning

When a KB article is cloned, the user can choose the category and sub-section to which the cloned article will belong right away. This will ensure that the cloned version directly lands on to the right folder. If needed, users can change the category and sub-section later.

Set agent's idle timeout in hours

Idle timeout allows admins to set the time until which agents can remain idle after which their status will automatically change to offline. Earlier idle timeout was set only in minutes, now Zoho have provided the option to set it in hours too. A maximum of 8 hours 55 minutes can be set as the idle time.

Zoho Desk's Chat module displays SalesIQ's new UI

The User Interface of Zoho SalesIQ had a makeover to bring in an improved visual experience. This new UI now reflects in the Chat module giving users a unified experience and benefits of both platform. While the UI has been updated, there are no alterations to the other functionality in the Chat module. All the essential features remain unchanged.

Increased number of file uploads during migration

While initiating data migration from other applications, the existing data is uploaded using a zipped file. Earlier only one data file of 2GB could be uploaded. Now Zoho have increased the limit to 5.

Manage tickets efficiently with views and filters in My Area 

Use views and filters to sort tickets in My Area. Views such as My Tickets, CC'ed Tickets, Team Tickets etc. can be used to quick locate the desired ticket. Users can also sort the tickets by their status — open, closed, on hold, or overdue.

Setting date and time preference in the Help Center

Users can set time and date preferences in the Help Center. Earlier the time preference was by default set to 12 hours. Now, 24 hours have been included too. In addition, date preference can be selected from various options such as MMM. DD. YY; DD/MMMM/YYYY etc.