[Zoho Desk] Mobile App Now Supports WhatsApp Templates

[Zoho Desk] Mobile App Now Supports WhatsApp Templates

The Zoho Desk mobile app now supports WhatsApp templates in Instant Messaging (IM) in Android v2.6.10 and iOS v2.7.4. Agents can deliver WhatsApp templates to users.

Template types:

Marketing - To promote product announcements and offers. 

Utility - Send customers transactional updates, order status, and important alerts. 

Steps to access WhatsApp templates:

  • Go on to Zoho Desk mobile app.
  • Choose the 'IM' module.
  • Select the respective chat.
  • Tap 'More' (three dots) in the chat bar.
  • Select 'Template Messages' to choose the WhatsApp template.
  • Select 'Insert to reply' to insert the template in the chat bar.
See screenshots below: 

For Android devices:

For iOS devices:

  • WhatsApp templates can be created using Zoho Desk (desk.zoho.com). Once created, the mobile app can access it.
  • Templates must be approved by WhatsApp (Meta). Only then can the Desk app access it.
  • WhatsApp in IM on Zoho Desk requires a WhatsApp business account.
  • IM is available for all premium plans.