[Zoho Desk] Instant Messaging Feature Updates

[Zoho Desk] Instant Messaging Feature Updates

We're excited to provide this quarter's feature improvements on the Instant Messaging module's major updates. Let's get started!

Changes in WhatsApp Conversation-Based Pricing

Businesses that are already using the WhatsApp Business Platform will be charged per chat that lasts 24 hours. Different types of conversations will have different prices. Charges for business-initiated conversations will be based on the following template groups as of June 1: Utility, Authentication, Marketing, and Service. Service conversations are what will be called from now on when a user starts a discussion. Businesses will still be able to use the WhatsApp Business Platform, but only the first 1,000 chats started by users each month will be free. Business-initiated conversations will no longer be included as free-tier conversations.

Blended Conversations

To foster harmonious camaraderie between Humans and Bots
Bots can save agents time by quickly responding to common questions and for primary detail collection. This helps agents focus on more complex issues. Bots can transfer the conversation to an agent when simple questions become more complicated or the customer requests a live interaction. Bots are intelligent enough to understand the conversation’s context and know when to suggest that customers chat with a human. Agents can delegate most manual and transactional tasks to bots while controlling the overall customer service experience.

Whatsapp Template Category Update

Supported business conversation categories
WhatsApp previously offered 14 template categories for business-initiated conversations. However, with the latest Meta update, these 14 categories will be condensed into three categories that require customer opt-in.

These categories are Utility, Authentication, and Marketing. 
  • Utility is used to send transactional updates, order status notifications, and critical alerts to customers. 
  • Authentication is used to send one-time passwords/codes allowing customers to access their accounts securely. 
  • Marketing is used to send promotional offers and product announcements to increase customer awareness.

Automatically close abandoned conversations

Businesses can help agents manage their functional connections list more effectively by configuring conversations to close automatically after being inactive for a pre-configured amount of time. This feature is applied for abandoned chats to increase your team’s efficiency. You can obtain early access to this feature by clicking here.

The auto-close feature allows support teams to organize their customer conversations better so they can focus on conversations that require their undivided attention. You can also set this auto-close timer to close conversations where customers/agents stop responding. For example, when a customer has been unresponsive, this trigger automatically handles conversations where the customer has not responded for a selected period.

Meta mandates OTP Buttons for Authentication Templates

Starting May 29, 2023, newly-created Authentication Template messages must include a one-time password (OTP) button. This means that if your business offers users the option to receive one-time passwords or verification codes via WhatsApp Business, you must use an Authentication Template with a one-time password button to deliver the password or code.

Authentication Templates are message templates that enable businesses to authenticate users with one-time passcodes (usually 4-8 digit alphanumeric codes), typically at significant stages of the login process (such as account recovery).

Authentication Templates must include either a copy code or a one-tap autofill button. These buttons are used to deliver one-time passwords or verification codes to users via WhatsApp Business.

The copy code button copies the one-time password or code to the user’s clipboard. The user must manually switch to your app and paste the password or code into its interface. On the other hand, the one-tap autofill button automatically loads and passes the one-time password or code to the app’s interface.

IM is now available in Japan

Supported Channel Integrations:
  • WhatsApp
  • Telegram
  • LINE
  • WeChat

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