[Zoho Desk] Introducing New Team Logos

[Zoho Desk] Introducing New Team Logos

Identifying teams during ticket transfers has become easier!

Sometimes, tickets demand immediate attention. This may be due to a security breach, last minute payment, or urgent technical issue. In the case of a last-minute payment, the ticket must be immediately forwarded to the Payments team. When urgent technical issues arise, whether it's a server outage, system crash, network failure, or something else, a swift response is essential to minimize downtime and restore normal operations.

To streamline ticket transfers, we are pleased to announce a new addition to our Teams feature. With Team Logos, agents can easily identify and assign tickets to the appropriate teams during ticket creation. This can significantly reduce the time spent searching for the right team and prevent incorrect assignments.

When assigning tasks, a team logo will provide an additional visual aid, making it easier to identify and select the right team.

A team can be represented by an image, custom-designed logo, or even a color (such as red for security and blue for sales). A logo can be added during team creation or later. It can be updated as needed.