[Zoho Desk] Enhanced Views and Filters

[Zoho Desk] Enhanced Views and Filters

Zoho is excited to introduce a new and improved method for handling your support tickets through the My Area section in the Help Centre. With the introduction of views and filters, we aim to simplify the process of viewing and managing the support tickets more efficiently. Our new features are designed to streamline your ticket management experience and provide you with a more organized approach to customer support.

My Area is a unified space where users can view and manage their tickets. Recent enhancements to this section include: 
  • Predefined standard views to help locate tickets within a category.
  • Filters to help sort and locate tickets. 

Views: Enhanced ticket categorization

Located conveniently in the upper-left corner of your page, Views displays various ticket categorizations for quick reference and easy identification. The predefined standard views are:

  1. My Tickets: Keep track of your submitted tickets.
  2. Team's Tickets: Stay updated on your team's tickets and collaborate seamlessly (only applicable to agents).
  3. CC'd Tickets: Find tickets you've been CC'd on for reference and context.
Not only are the tickets categorized by owners and collaborators, but they are also sorted by their status—whether they're open, closed, on hold, or overdue.

Filters: Customizing your ticket search

Utilize filters alongside views for a more powerful organizational experience. Tailor your ticket search to your exact needs and uncover the most relevant results. Here are the three primary options you can use to filter tickets:

  1. Departments: Focus on tickets originating from specific departments, or across all departments.
  2. Channels: Filter tickets based on the communication channels where they were received— email, web, chat, forums, Twitter, or Facebook.
  3. Priority: Sort tickets by priority—high, medium, or low—to address urgent matters efficiently.

How to make the most of views and filters?

Imagine you're a customer engaging with the support team of a company called, "Zylker." Upon logging into Zylker's My Area section in the help center, you choose the My Tickets view from the Views section. To seek assistance regarding a product, you can navigate to the Filters section and opt for the Product Inquiry department. To view high priority tickets, you can further filter by selecting "High" priority. As a result, your screen now displays a focused list of high-priority tickets tied to product inquiries. This tailored approach, made possible by combining Views and Filters, ensures you can conveniently access your support tickets without the hassle of sorting through unrelated tickets.