[Zoho Desk] ASAP SDK Feature Updates

[Zoho Desk] ASAP SDK Feature Updates

We're excited to tell you about the new features and improvements coming to the ASAP SDK in Zoho Desk. Let's get into it and explore the new features and enhancements.

Multiple ASAP configuration in a single SDK

Precise and hassle-free customer support
Deliver targeted assistance to your end users, allowing them to embed customized, department-specific ASAP icons with help center options on each page they visit. This makes it easier for customers to access support without needing to navigate to a different page.

For example, if you run an e-commerce website with multiple brands/departments such as Electronics, Clothing, and Home Appliances, you can easily embed a department-specific ASAP add-on in the Electronics department webpage. This add-on can be configured to display help articles, FAQs, or a live chat option tailored specifically to the Electronics department. With this approach, you can ensure end users accessing the Electronics page have immediate access to relevant and timely assistance.

Edit option in Ticket Properties

Customization options to improve ticket engagement
Zoho People has introduced a new feature that allows end users to edit their ticket properties in the Android SDK. With this option, end users gain greater control over ticket information, increasing engagement.

Font style customization

Creating consistency across your mobile application
Zoho People also provides customization options that empower end users to customize their app’s appearance to suit their preferences. You can select a font representing your brand, a design style promoting uniformity across your user interface, and more. Utilizing these customization options allows you to customize the font style to align with your application’s distinctive visual language, ensuring a seamless user experience and eliminating any disruptive visual inconsistencies.

Reassuring privacy and security

Prioritizing privacy
Zoho People prioritizes privacy and security. Their security measures are robust and GDPR compliant. With their latest update, they perform local data encryption to provide their users with an additional layer of protection.

New JWT authentication mechanism in mobile SDK

Enhancing security by simplifying the authentication process
They have also introduced a new JWT authentication mechanism in mobile SDK that enhances security and simplifies authentication by eliminating the JWT endpoint. The new JWT flow promotes a more streamlined and secure approach to user authentication, providing access to the ASAP add-on only after user validation.

Translation of newly included UI strings

Localized user experince for a global audience
Regarding the translation of newly included UI strings, Zoho People has employed internationalization (i18n) to simplify the translation process for newly included user interface (UI) strings. It ensures a consistent and localized UI across various languages, making it easier to reach a global audience effortlessly.

Side menu toggle switch

Smooth and convenient transitions
Zoho People has also introduced a new side menu toggle switch in the ASAP SDK. Customers can enable or disable the side menu in the ASAP SDK. The side menu eliminates disruptive transitions and back-and-forth navigation. Streamlined and organized, the side menu helps end users maintain focus on their current tasks and quickly switch between modules when needed. For example, if an end user reading an FAQ article requires further assistance or has a specific question, they can easily navigate to the Chat module using the side menu and connect with an agent or bot.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates.