[Zoho CRM] Wizard Enhancements

[Zoho CRM] Wizard Enhancements

Zoho is thrilled to introduce some enhancements to the wizards, ensuring a smoother, more intuitive experience, focused mainly on helping you resolve errors faced while creating wizards, and some added options.  

First a quick recall: Wizards in Zoho CRM have long been instrumental in streamlining complex processes. While they've always been a vital tool, Zoho has recognized that some users faced challenges due to errors that could cause flow breaks, unintentional loops and other issues that prolonged the time to publish and use a wizard. Addressing these concerns became a top priority. Zoho has now revamped their wizards to guide you through potential pitfalls and, often, automatically correct them for you.

So let's head to the enhancements!

Enhanced error handling for the "Save" button

Previously, when a 'save' button was not present in a user interface, it was a common error that wouldn't allow you to save the wizard. To address this issue, the process has been set in place so that when the error is detected, the user is guided to resolve it. This can be done either by configuring an existing button as 'save' or by adding a new 'Save' button. This ensures that every path in the wizard has at least one save button, in order to save the wizard.

Prioritizing essential fields

New wizards have been updated to ensure that all essential information is captured from the start of the process. This includes both system-defined mandatory fields, which are predetermined by the system, and user-defined mandatory fields, which are set up by the user. By positioning these mandatory fields on the first screen, the user can provide all the necessary information right away.

Notifications for orphan Screens

In the past, screens that were not connected to the main flow of a wizard could cause problems with the functionality of the wizard. Now, if any of these 'orphan screens' are detected, the user will be notified and given the option to either delete them or reconnect them to the flow of the wizard, but having an orphan screen is no longer a showstopper. User will be allowed to proceed with saving the wizard.

Streamlining button functionality

Buttons that don't lead to a new screen or save the record could lead to confusion. To address this, Zoho has implemented a system that will automatically remove any buttons that are not clearly defined. This will help to ensure that your wizards are easy to understand and navigate. Additionally, they have also put in place, a system, that will alert you if paths in your wizard circle back to their starting point. This will help to prevent any unintentional loops from occurring and ensure that your wizards are as efficient as possible.

Apart from these enhancements in streamlining errors, Zoho has also added two new features to Wizards to add to its capabilities. 

Record image support in Wizards

Having a record image to accompany the record details is essential in any business scenario, whether it's a lead or a contact's photo or the image of a product. It helps you identify the record specifically.
With the standard layout, you always had the option to upload a record image, and now they have added the option to Wizards.

Customize the "tab" button navigation

You can now set the order in which the tab key navigates—i.e., upon clicking the tab key, choose whether the fields will be selected from left to right, or from top to bottom. This is helpful essentially to dictate your sales reps or CRM users to fill records in a certain order. Check out the following GIF for a better understanding of the usage.