[Zoho CRM] WhatsApp Enhancement

[Zoho CRM] WhatsApp Enhancement

Zoho is thrilled to share some exciting enhancements to their WhatsApp Business integration with Zoho CRM. You can now create personalized templates and use them as automated WhatsApp messages. These updates introduce powerful new capabilities that can streamline your communication and enhance your customer engagement. Let's dive into the exciting details.
A quick look at the current feature: Previously, you could integrate WhatsApp Business with Zoho CRM using the latter's powerful business integration abilities and reply to customer inquiries directly from within the CRM. Additionally, you could add new leads or contacts from incoming WhatsApp messages, record and link text messages with customer records, and share quotes and invoices.

What are the enhancements?

Create personalized templates

Once WhatsApp Business is integrated into your CRM setup, an all-new WhatsApp Notifications tab will appear under Actions in the Automation section. You can create personalized WhatsApp message templates within the CRM.

In the Notification section, you can create notifications using the approved templates.
Templates can be customized with the desired content to be sent to customers. Once approved by Facebook, these templates can be utilized for message notifications, guaranteeing consistent and professional communication with customers.

Create notifications and associate them with automation processes

Once you've configured the WhatsApp template and it's approved by Facebook, you will be able to use the template and create notifications. You can seamlessly associate these actions with automation features like the following:
  • Workflows
  • Blueprints
  • CommandCenter
Workflows: Under the workflow rule actions section, you'll find an option to notify customers via WhatsApp and the ability to associate existing notifications or create new ones. To associate a WhatsApp notification, first ensure you've followed the steps to associate an instant action. Once done, select the WhatsApp notification option. A pop-up will appear, allowing you to choose the appropriate WhatsApp notification from a list or give you the option to create a new one. After making your selection or creating a new notification, click "Associate" or "Save and Associate" for the new notification.

Blueprint: For blueprint transitions, you can set a WhatsApp notification as an action for After transitions. The WhatsApp notification option is also available for states.

CommandCenter: You can choose WhatsApp notification as an action in a transition for CommandCenter's Journey Builder tool.

Introducing the Notification tab

When notification messages are triggered and sent to end users, they will appear in the messages tab, as well as in a separate tab dedicated to transactional messages, for a comprehensive overview.