[Zoho CRM] New Keyboard Shortcuts

[Zoho CRM] New Keyboard Shortcuts

Zoho is pleased to introduce keyboard shortcuts for Zoho CRM features!

Until now, you might have been navigating to modules manually using the mouse, and at times, it could be tedious, especially when you had to search for specific modules and then click on them.

However, with the introduction of keyboard shortcuts, accessing the required modules becomes effortless. You can simply use a shortcut to switch to the desired module.

Keyboard shortcuts enable you to perform actions more quickly and efficiently than is possible with just mouse navigation. Using keyboard shortcuts, you can multitask and switch between tabs/modules easily. We've created a set of shortcuts for some of the most common actions in CRM, but these can also be customized to suit user preferences.

Example: The below images show how users can use a shortcut to send an email.

The tables below show the different actions for which Zoho CRM provides shortcuts:

Accessing keyboard shortcuts

To access keyboard shortcuts, go to Setup > General > Personal Settings > Keyboard Shortcuts and configure any of the shortcuts available. By default, keyboard shortcuts are disabled for all accounts; users have to enable them manually.

Once keyboard shortcuts are enabled, the available shortcuts are displayed in different sections. They can be used as defined, or modified accordingly.

Configuring keyboard shortcuts

When you hover over the list of shortcuts, you'll see the edit icon. Click on the edit icon to modify the shortcut key.
There are a few important things to keep in mind while configuring keyboard shortcuts:
  • A shortcut can contain a minimum of one key, up to a maximum of three keys.
  • If you do not want a shortcut key for certain action, you can just leave the field empty.
  • You can avoid shortcut combinations that are already assigned to browser or OS actions.

Restricted Keys

  • Only Alphanumeric characters are allowed for shortcuts.
  • A shortcut created for Open Help works only if the particular page is connected to the help document page.
  • Built-in shortcuts are displayed on the landing page and cannot be modified.
  • You can always reset shortcuts you've configured.
  • You can also view all the shortcuts you've created by pressing "z + /", which is a default shortcut created for viewing the shortcuts. This can also be customized.

  • The shortcut actions for "Show/Hide Chat Box" and "Open Notification" are not supported in CRM Plus and Zoho One edition.
  • The modifier keys (CMD, Ctrl, Shift, and Alt) should be used in combination with any other key. The user can't type these keys alone while changing the shortcut, it is accepted only if it is along with other keys.