[Zoho CRM] Module Data Exports Receive a MASSIVE Update

[Zoho CRM] Module Data Exports Receive a MASSIVE Update

Exporting a module's data in Zoho CRM can sometimes be a frustrating experience. For example, you can only export the oldest 3,000 records, so maybe you've had to resort to exporting reports or taking backups as a workaround. You also can't export data selectively; you can pick the module, but you can't filter the records to be exported or pick the fields you need in an export.

Zoho has completely revamped the export feature in Zoho CRM to address these pain points.

Let's look at the upgrades one by one:

The export limit has been increased—by a lot!

As mentioned before, the previous limit was 3,000 records for an export. Now, each export operation allows you to export up to 200,000 records. This will massively reduce the time needed to export large amounts of data.

Download an export multiple times

For each export, a download link will be available for a period of 7 days. You can use it to download an export as many times as you want during that time period.

Select and export the data you need

In addition to the changes mentioned above, you'll now be able to pick the data you want in your export.

You can quickly export data based on list views or custom criteria.

If you're exporting subform data, you can set criteria for that as well. This will help you get exactly the records you need to get your work done. You can also add criteria when you're exporting notes and Inventory modules.

Sometimes, you might export exactly the records you need, only to struggle through the hundreds of fields in your export. Now, apart from All Fields, you can also choose Fields from View to get only the fields used in a list view.

A third option is to pick fields one by one. When you do this, you'll also be able to include fields in lookup modules.

Directly export a list view

You are in a module and you want to quickly export a list view? Head over to the Actions menu and initiate the export from there!

Export history

If you're an admin, you'll now be able to see the list of all of your users' exports, as well as filter them based on your needs. If you're not an admin, you'll be able to view the exports you've initiated. Clicking on an export will give you more information about it, like the criteria used, the number of records exported, and the fields chosen.


  • The limit of 200,000 records per export applies to all editions.
  • The limit on the number of exports/day for each edition is as follows:
    • Free - 10
    • Starter - 50
    • Standard - 100
    • Professional - 250
    • Enterprise - 500
    • Ultimate - 1,000
This feature is available in all editions. It's been released for all users in all DCs.