[Zoho CRM] Mail Merge Enhancements August 2023

[Zoho CRM] Mail Merge Enhancements August 2023

Mail Merge in Zoho CRM integrates with Zoho Writer to simplify the process of customizing and sharing documents with prospects and customers. By utilizing merge fields, you can combine data from your CRM with pre-existing templates, eliminating the need to create a new template for each document. This feature enables you to send personalized agreements, disclaimers, terms and conditions, contracts, and more effortlessly.

Now let's talk about the enhancements!

Enhancement 1: Merge is now available for inventory modules
Enhancement 2: Import PDF files to merge
Enhancement 3: Add image fields to merge templates

Enhancement 1: Merge is now available for inventory modules

Previously, in Mail Merge, users could create merge templates only for the following modules: Leads, Contacts, Deals, Accounts, and custom modules. We're now expanding the scope of Mail Merge. Hereafter, you can create merge templates for inventory modules like Quotes, Sales orders, Purchase orders, and Invoices as well.

How are these templates different to the native Inventory templates?
In Zoho CRM, users can already create templates for purchase orders, sales orders, quotes, and invoices. However, they have the following limitations:
  • Restricted formatting abilities: Although you can have merge fields and other aspects associated with your templates, an official document should look formal and on par with your company's legal guidelines. With Mail Merge, you can achieve this level of standardized formatting.
  • Distribution: After users created their inventory templates in Zoho CRM, to send them to customers they had to do so from within individual records and send them one by one. Now that Mail Merge extends to inventory/accounting modules, users can perform mass merges and distribute documents like bills of materials, invoices, and more with ease.

Enhancement 2: Import PDF files to merge

Encrypted master information always holds a special value for businesses. For one, it's locked from edits and updates, and for another, it's secure. Companies don't want their terms to be altered, do they?
That's why, along with the existing import template formats—ZDOC, DOCX, and DOC—we're introducing the ability to import PDF files as Mail Merge templates.

The maximum size of the PDF file is 10 MB, and upon importing, users can add fields from modules and start distributing the PDF file itself from the Writer app.

Enhancement 3: Add image fields to the merge templates

Company logos, property images, and design prototypes are assets that are stored in Zoho CRM image fields. When added to a document, these images provide more context and add value to the transaction.
Previously, users couldn't directly import such images into their documents. With this enhancement, we're providing an image field along with the list of merge fields available in a merge template. All one has to do is drag the image field into the template as a placeholder, and when the overall merge happens, the image from the record will automatically be associated with the document. With Zoho Writer's formatting abilities, you can manage the size and span of the image added.