[Zoho CRM] Email Bounce Enhancements

[Zoho CRM] Email Bounce Enhancements

Zoho is excited to announce an enhancement to the email bounce management system that makes it easier to handle different types of email bounces and take necessary actions. They understand that managing bounced emails is crucial to maintaining successful communication, and this enhancement focuses exactly on that.
A quick recall: Bounces are instances where Zoho CRM couldn't deliver your email to a specific address. Previously, Zoho have broadly classified email bounces into two categories: hard bounces and soft bounces.
Let's have a quick look at the enhancements.

Permanent and temporary bounces

Zoho classifies bounces into two new categories—permanent and temporary—depending on the nature of the problem. Temporary bounces encompass soft bounces and specific types of hard bounces. If an email address is temporarily blocked, it can be unblocked directly. However, hard bounces are typically permanent and can't be unblocked within the CRM system. If you think that a permanently bounced email address can now receive emails, you can reach out to our support team for assistance.
In the record details page, email-related list, and list view, you can find the details of the bounce type and category for each email address that has bounced. Warning icons will be displayed to indicate the type of bounce, and hovering over them will provide more details.

Unblock valid email addresses

As part of this enhancement, users with Send mail permissions can directly unblock email addresses that are temporarily blocked from within Zoho CRM.

You can do this in the following places:
1. Record details page
To unblock an email address that has bounced, hover over the info icon for details about the bounce type, click Unblock Email Address, check the confirmation box that the reason for the block has been resolved, and click Confirm.

2. List view
Filter out records with temporary bounced emails, hover on the warning symbol beside the bounced email, and follow the steps.

3. Mass actions
To unblock emails via a mass update, select the records you want to unblock and click the Unblock Email Address button on the Actions menu. Next, check the confirmation box and click Confirm after resolving the reason for the bounce.

Periodic unblock based on conditions

Zoho has established a periodic review every six months whereby the system will automatically unblock previously blocked email addresses if the issues leading to their blockage have been resolved.
For instance, addresses blocked for policy-related reasons will be reinstated if Zoho can confirm proper email authentication.

Points to be noted:
  • You can manually unblock temporary blocked email addresses up to five times.
  • After the fifth attempt, the email address will be marked as permanently blocked and will require support to unblock. To ensure deliverability and avoid any email failure in the future Zoho will mark soft bounces as hard bounces after
  • Unblocking an email address will not reset the bounce count to zero. Zoho recommends that you ensure the cause of the block has been rectified before unblocking.