[Zoho CRM] Canvas Now Supports Sandboxes

[Zoho CRM] Canvas Now Supports Sandboxes

A lot of us have grown to love the freshness that Canvas injects into our standard detail pages and list views. This freshness isn't just limited to looking prettier. By building an interface around users' work, Canvas goes a long way in increasing adoption and usage. After all, users now have an interface that's easier to learn and use than ever before.

That said, your organization can't unlock these benefits immediately; the design changes have to be carefully validated and tested in realistic conditions to ensure that they enable users instead of hindering them.

Now you can test your Canvas pages in a sandbox environment before deploying them to your production environment. By testing the interface before rolling it out to all end users, you can iron out the wrinkles and tackle issues in a safe environment with a smaller set of users. This ensures a smooth transition from one interface to the next.

What's new?

Bring all your Canvas-related components into the sandbox

You can now include Canvas as a configuration when you create a sandbox. Your existing Canvas pages, presets, reusable components, images, assignments, and rules at the time of sandbox creation will be available in the sandbox.

Test your Canvas-related changes

Within the sandbox, you can test your new and existing Canvas pages and other components before deploying them to your production environment.

The different components that can be tested include the following:
  • Record detail view
  • List view
  • Canvas assignment
  • Canvas rules
  • Canvas files (images)
  • Presets
  • Reusable components

See the difference before deploying changes

Before deploying updates to existing detail and list view pages, you can compare them with the existing ones in your production environment with the press of a button.

Deploy all your Canvas-related changes to your production environment

Satisfied with your Canvas-related changes? You have the option to deploy all or part of them to the production environment.