[Zoho CRM] Calendar Synchronization

[Zoho CRM] Calendar Synchronization

Zoho has been focused on enhancing the Zoho CRM calendar synchronization to ensure you always remain in sync, regardless of where you schedule your meetings or events. After updating the Google and Microsoft calendars, Zoho is now introducing synchronization with Zoho Calendar and Zoho Recruit.

What’s new? 

While setting up calendar preferences, you can now choose to mark slots in your CRM calendar as unavailable based on your events from corresponding Zoho product calendars, without having to sync all events.
With this enhancement, you can choose to mark unavailability from Zoho Calendar and Zoho Recruit based on your operational needs. This allows for a more personalized synchronization experience and helps prevent any scheduling conflicts between your CRM activities and other engagements outside the scope of CRM.

What will happen when a calendar slot is booked?

While the integration enhances transparency regarding a user's availability, Zoho has also prioritized privacy. While all synchronized events will be reflected in the CRM, the in-depth details are exclusive to the individual user. When a time slot is occupied, other CRM users will see that period marked as "unavailable". However, the specifics — like the nature of the event, or who the interview is with — are only accessible to the individual who set it up, ensuring that sensitive information remains confidential.

Points to be noted
  • For the Zoho Calendar, you can select the calendars that need to be monitored for events. For Zoho Recruit, apart from events, you’ll also be able to select interviews, to block time for. 

  • Changes made in Zoho Calendar or Recruit, if any, at the time of the events or interviews will also automatically reflect in CRM.