[Zoho CRM] Autumn 2023 Updates for Sales Team - Part II

[Zoho CRM] Autumn 2023 Updates for Sales Team - Part II

Exciting updates to Mail Merge 

Mail Merge offers a great way to customize, personalize, and share documents with your customers by integrating with Zoho Writer. By utilizing merge fields, you can combine data from your CRM with pre-existing templates, eliminating the need to create a new template for each document. This enables you to create personalized quotes, terms and conditions, contracts, agreements, and more.

Here's a quick rundown of the enhancements we have for you in Mail Merge:

  • Inventory modules support - You can now use Mail Merge capabilities to create merge templates in the Quotes, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, and Invoices modules as well.

  • Import PDF support - You can now import PDF files into your merge templates to ensure that your content/terms are locked when you distribute them to your customers.

  • Image field support - You can now leverage the image fields in merged templates to pull any images in a record into the merged templates, which you can then format as needed before finalizing the documents.

Zia is everywhere 

You've probably been hearing a lot of "AI this, AI that" for a while now. AI is everywhere. Let's see what the AI department has introduced:

  • Assignment - Zia will now suggest users for assignment when records are created manually as well, and you have access to reports where you can check the assignments to understand how Zia assigns these records.

  • Scoring - Zia will intelligently score your incoming leads based on various factors to make it easy for your sales team to prioritize their outreach and follow-ups.

  • Recommendations for existing records - Once the recommendations are up and running, they'll now appear for existing records as well, in addition to any records added after the recommendation was set up.

  • Segment your recommendations - Zia will group your recommendations and help you identify common factors to enable you to approach your opportunities more effectively.

  • Context for next best experiences - Based on your historical interactions, Zia will intelligently suggest the next best action to take, along with the context as to why you should take the suggested action.

  • Failed activities metrics for best time to contact - Zia will analyze and give you insights into activities that failed when sent/scheduled at the suggested best time to contact.

  • Subject line suggestions - When working with emails, Zia will suggest interesting and catchy subject lines that can help you hook your reader's attention.

  • Suggestions in webform A/B testing - Webform testing in Zoho CRM gets a dose of AI with A/B testing suggestions for low-performing webforms, as well as variant suggestions, dynamic traffic allocation suggestions, test duration extension suggestions, confidence scoring, and more.

Workflows for notes 

Automation boosts efficiency. You can focus on your customers as Zoho CRM updates records, sends emails, and schedules follow-ups. Workflows control when the system starts these automations.

Now you can set up workflows that automate tasks based on your record notes in Zoho. You may automate note addition, editing, deletion, title, and content to make your salespeople's lives easier.

Mentioning demos in your notes can automatically set up meetings, tell your manager of client discount requests, and more. Zoho is excited to see how you use this tool in your business.

Strategy Influencer 

Zoho CRM's Strategy Influencer feature consists of various analytics regarding your organization's overall trends and patterns, offering insights such as predicted targets, anomalies, reasons for missed targets, and solutions to achieve targets. Using these insights, you can understand your overall business performance and devise optimal strategies to enhance it.

  • Target Contributors - Understand all the different factors that have contributed to the current target that your business has achieved.

  • Anomaly Finder - Identify anomalies in your achieved and expected targets, as well as the impact these have had on the target amount across different time periods.

  • Gap Analyzer - Determine the difference between the predicted and actual values, and the underlying reasons for the differences.

  • Predictor - Track predicted and achieved targets for the top-contributing picklist and lookup field values Zia has identified, as well as their impacts during different time periods.

  • Prescriptor - Learn how you can achieve a predicted target, and also how to rectify a missed target to achieve it moving forward.