[Zoho CRM] Autumn 2023 Updates for Sales Team - Part I

[Zoho CRM] Autumn 2023 Updates for Sales Team - Part I

Enhancements to your home pages and dashboards 

Home pages are a vital part of your team's daily operations. A great home page carries all the important information that your team might need to get an idea of what they need to do for the day when they log in. Zoho got some enhancements to ensure that your team is able to get the perfect home page set up for the jobs.

  • Profile-based home page sharing - In addition to role-based home page sharing, you can now share home page components based on a user's profile as well, giving your users more comprehensive insights into their activities.

  • Access multiple home pages - No longer are users restricted to a single home page; they can now access up to 10 home pages: up to five based on their roles and five based on their profiles.

  • Dashboard support in copy customization - You can replicate analytics configurations from source accounts to target accounts for your dashboards, with certain restrictions.

Lookup filters 

Think about your last attempt to link records across modules. Imagine clicking on the account lookup field and obtaining hundreds of Accounts module records. Imagine continually scrolling to find the proper account while avoiding inactive ones.

Now picture how easy that would have been if the lookup field only revealed entries based on predetermined conditions: accounts from a specific location, in-stock products, active subscriptions, and more.

With lookup filters, your admins can ensure that your sales team has access to the right records when they perform a lookup by defining the right conditions.

Threshold for assignments  

Your sales reps are hard at work every day engaging with customers and helping prospects find value in what your business offers. The last thing you'd want to do is overload them with more leads than they can handle with high-quality engagement.

To help you mitigate this risk, Zoho CRM now has the option of setting thresholds on the amount of records that can be assigned to each rep in your business. You can:

  • Set limits on record assignment - Define a maximum number of records that can be assigned to a rep without overwhelming them, so they can devote time and effort towards having great interactions with each lead or customer.

  • Set limits on backlogs - Ensure that new records are only assigned to reps once their existing backlogs fall within the defined limits.

  • Automatic reallocation - If there are excess records that can't be assigned due to the threshold, you can set up automations to ensure that they're redistributed periodically to your team.

Voice recording fields in the Calls module 

One activity your sales team spends a lot of their time on, is calls. For prospecting, making follow-up calls, and even scheduling meetings and site visits, your team handles a wide range of interactions over the phone.

Wouldn't it be great if you could manage your call recordings right inside your CRM so that sales managers, or even sales reps, could quickly access the recordings and obtain important information or learn how to hold better conversations in the future?

Zoho has introduced a voice recording field in the Calls module where you can add links to your call recordings, which will then render as an audio player so you can listen to and analyze conversations. As with any system in Zoho CRM, you can also define who can see and interact with this field for an added layer of security.