[Zoho CRM] Autumn 2023 Updates for Administrator

[Zoho CRM] Autumn 2023 Updates for Administrator

For admins 

So much work goes into keeping a complex CRM deployment up and running, and Zoho want to do their best to give administrators all the tools necessary to make the management for CRM account easier. Let's see what they have for your admins this time around!

Enhancements to find and merge and deduplication 

Nobody likes duplicates, unless it's money you find in your pockets before you throw your clothes in the washing machine. The same goes for duplicates in your CRM, from customers to deals or invoices. Duplicates in the system end up making everyone's jobs harder.

To help your business rid your system of duplicates more effectively, Zoho has introduced some enhancements to our deduplication system inside Zoho CRM. Let's take a quick look at all the latest additions:

  • Customize search parameters - You can now add or remove fields to refine your search criteria further and identify duplicates.

  • Support for deals and custom modules - You're no longer restricted to just using deduplication capabilities in the Leads, Accounts, Contacts, and Vendors modules; the feature is now supported in the Deals module, as well as across all your custom modules, enabling you to clear your CRM system of duplicates effectively.

Extended controls for user fields 

The user field that was introduced allowed your business to extend co-ownership of records to another user. However, the caveat with this approach was that they would have the same level of permissions as that of the primary owner.

Zoho has now introduced an enhancement to user fields to set accessibility controls for co-owners through which admins can decide if the co-owner has full access, read/write, or read only access to these records. Now your team can collaborate on important deals or prospects while maintaining your data's integrity.

Global sets 

Everyone who's worked for any amount of time in a CRM knows about picklists, and any admin working with Zoho CRM until recently would have had to deal with the pain of having to re-create the same picklist and its multiple associated values across different modules to ensure that record information like lead source, industry, country, etc. would match as a record moves through your sales pipeline.

Say goodbye to that long, drawn-out process with the introduction of global sets. With global sets, you can create one set of picklist values which you can simply associate with different modules.

Your admins end up saving a ton of time and effort, and your sales team have access to accurate information in your picklists—thus keeping your CRM data clean and accurate across your sales process.

Custom domain mapping 

Every firm works to build its brand identity—from its name and logo to its colours, pictures, and sounds—in customers' thoughts. It's often surprising to customers when brands use third-party tool names or branding.

Zoho now offers custom domains to help your organization maintain branding and credibility across Zoho's platforms.

With this feature, you receive Zoho CRM's efficiency packaged and offered under your company's brand name. Instead of crm.zoho.com, your sales team may use sales.zylker.com to access your CRM account. We believe this three-step process will revolutionize brand-building for businesses!

New enhancements to admin tools 

Admin tools—a feature that been rolled out earlier this year—was a great addition to admins' toolsets in Zoho CRM. It helped them remove unused configurations like templates, reports, custom views, and workflows in bulk.

Zoho has now added the ability to identify, filter, and delete your organization's roles, profiles, and webforms in bulk. This makes it much easier for your admins to keep your CRM clean and streamlined, so that your sales reps aren't hampered by bloat from unused configurations that impede their day-to-day activities.

Native integration support in sandbox 

Sandboxes are vital for larger organizations or businesses with complex CRM deployments to ensure that the changes they make to their CRM are tested before being implemented.

So far, Zoho haven't supported the ability to test out integrations inside the Zoho CRM sandbox—but that changes now. To start with, you can now test out Zoho Survey and Zoho Social integrations thoroughly inside the sandbox and deploy it to your production account once everything is running perfectly.

They're working hard to expand this support for other key native integrations. Please stay tuned for updates on that front.