[Zoho CRM] Adds Unsubscribe Page Customization

[Zoho CRM] Adds Unsubscribe Page Customization

Zoho is excited to announce a long-awaited enhancement to the unsubscribe link feature: the ability to customize the message on the standard unsubscribe landing page and success display message. Recognizing its value, we've introduced additional options for enhancing the unsubscribe link.

What are the changes?

  • You can now customize the standard unsubscribe landing page message and display message. 
  • The merge fields option is available within the message.
  • UI edit and delete options are available in a dropdown menu for each link.

Let's look at each of the above changes in detail.

Customize unsubscribe message

Zoho have introduced the option to edit a standard unsubscribe landing page message to enable users to perform text edits. This means you can edit the text to say what you want, instead of using the default message. It's a way to share your own message with the user or use content that suits your organization.

You can also customize the unsubscribe link display message, similar to the landing page content.

Merge fields support

Mail merge fields enable users to personalize content for recipients by automatically inserting recipient and organization names. With mail merge fields, sending bulk messages becomes quicker and error-free, saving time by populating data from a source and ensuring consistent formatting.

Edit and delete options

Option to customize the unsubscribe link message and the option to delete the message are available as dropdown menu items, as shown in the image below.