[Zoho CRM] Adds Activity Options for Workflows

[Zoho CRM] Adds Activity Options for Workflows

Zoho is excited to announce the addition of two new dynamic actions to their workflow functionality: Create Event and Schedule Call. These actions have been thoughtfully designed to enhance your workflow processes and bring more efficiency to your operations.

The Create Event and Schedule Call options are exclusively accessible within the Instant Actions feature.

Create Events

The Create Event action is designed to work with a range of supported modules, including Pipelines, Contacts, and Companies. This means that you can effortlessly create events related to these modules, making it easier to manage your schedules and important appointments.

Schedule a Call

For those who need to schedule calls as part of their workflow, the Schedule Call action is a game-changer. It's designed specifically for the Contacts module, ensuring that you can automatically schedule phone calls with your contacts without effort.


These new actions are compatible with the following editions: Express, Premier, and Zoho One.