[Zoho CRM] Actions by Zoho Flow

[Zoho CRM] Actions by Zoho Flow

Hello everyone,

Zoho is releasing a feature called Actions by Zoho Flow.

As the name indicates, it allows you to add actions in other apps as part of your CRM's workflow rules. Previously, automation across apps would've required the building of custom integrations or the use of an integration platform outside your CRM.

Now, these actions can be configured within your CRM. Here's a quick look at how straightforward and easy this configuration is:

Don't want to stop with just adding leads to Active Campaign? You can go ahead and automate routine actions in other apps as well:
  • Once a lead has been qualified, an appointment is created in Acuity to initiate more extensive discussions.
  • When a deal is created, a new card is added to the right board in Trello to help your team collaborate and manage their tasks.
  • When the deal moves to the negotiation stage, a new channel is created in Microsoft Teams to help kick-start real-time collaboration amongst sales reps, legal team members, senior executives, and others. Once a deal is closed, a message is added in the Delivery channel.
  • When a sales order has been created, a new project is created in Asana with relevant details from Zoho CRM to fulfill the order and manage our work.
  • Once a delivery is done, a message is added in the Installation channel in Slack to notify the installation team. 
These are just small examples of what's possible with Actions by Zoho Flow.

Pricing-related details
This feature will have a usage-based pricing model.

Credits and actions
One credit will be charged for each successful action. Every month, you'll be charged based on the number of credits you've consumed in the previous month.

Please note that every month:
  • You won't be charged for the first 100 credits that you consume.
  • Once that limit is exceeded, you'll be charged for additional credits.
  • You can set a limit on the additional credits that can be consumed per month.
  • Once that limit is reached, actions will not be executed in the present month.
  • If you want actions to be executed, you'll need to increase the additional credit limit.
The unit price of additional credits is broken down into the following slabs:
For example, if you've used 55,100 credits, the total cost will be $88.50 and the breakdown will be as follows:
  • First 100 credits are free = $0
  • Next 20,000 credits at $2 per thousand credits = $40
  • Next 30,000 credits at $1.40 per thousand credits = $42
  • Final 5,000 credits at $1.30 per thousand credits = $6.50
Credits tab
You can manage your credit limits in Actions by Zoho Flow > Credits .
You'll also be able to view and change the monthly credit limit in the Manage Subscription page. Under Usage Based Add-ons , you'll be able to modify the additional credit limit.

  • Starting out, Actions by Zoho Flow will offer access to the most commonly used apps available in Zoho Flow. Over time, they'll incrementally add support for the remaining apps. If you'd like a particular app to be supported, please drop a comment below.
  • For now, you can associate only one Action by Zoho Flow per condition in your workflow rule.
  • This feature is not available in sandbox.
  • To set the credit limit above 500,000, you'll need to contact support@zohocrm.com .
  • For users on an annual plan:
    • The monthly limit still applies. So, after you exceed the limit, you won't be able to execute actions for the rest of the month.
    • The payment isn't monthly. It's consolidated. You'll be charged at the end of the year.
For more details, please refer to this help document: Actions by Zoho Flow .

Editions: Enterprise and above
DCs: All DCs [Updated on 3 Nov 2023]
This feature has been released to all CRM and CRM plus users. It will be released to Zoho One users in the following phase.