[Zoho Creator] A Source for Writer Merge Templates

[Zoho Creator] A Source for Writer Merge Templates

Hello all!

Zoho is excited to share that they've enhanced Zoho Creator's integration with Zoho Writer to make this combination even more powerful. You can now use Zoho Creator as a data source for mail merge templates in Zoho Writer.

Making more data from your favourite low-code development platform accessible in Writer will open new opportunities for users to create and send a wide variety of documents, manage business processes efficiently, and ensure security.


Seamless integration with subform fields

Zoho Creator users can now seamlessly utilize subform fields in Zoho Writer with the merge task feature. This empowers businesses to create documents that are more data-driven and user-friendly, and reduces the manual effort required for document preparation.

Access more Creator fields

Access to comprehensive data from Creator empowers users to produce intricate and data-rich documents. With this enhanced integration, you can access data in subform fields, and lookup fields.
This seamless data integration streamlines the creation of complex business documents, which is particularly beneficial for organizations dependent on data-intensive documents like contracts, reports, and financial statements.

Uses and benefits

Unlock the power of signatures

One of the standout features of this integration is the ability to use the signature field in Zoho Writer. For instance, in contract management, you can use electronic signatures to streamline the approval and signing process while ensuring security.

Turn IDs or fields into barcodes

Another exciting feature is the ability to convert Creator IDs or fields into barcodes with help of the mail merge templates. Using barcodes enables efficient data tracking and retrieval, enhances accuracy and accessibility, and much more.

Assume a Vendor management app which contains contracts. The mail merge templates feature will facilitate the seamless extraction data from Creator to Writer, and help you create a document for contracts. Within the Writer document, the fields, Product IDs, Alphanumeric or numeric fields can be shown can be visually represented as barcodes.


How to get started

  1. Go to writer.zoho.com and click Create New.
  2. Choose Merge Template under Automation Templates and click Create from Scratch. Design your merge template using these steps.

  3. Click the hamburger menu on the left and click Automate.

  4. Under Select the Data Source, choose Zoho Creator and select your application.

  5. Add the appropriate fields from your Creator application. Click here for a detailed guide to working with fields.

These enhancements make Zoho Creator and Zoho Writer an even more valuable combination for businesses looking to simplify document management. By harnessing the capabilities of both platforms, businesses can look forward to a future where document creation and data management are more efficient, secure, and user-friendly than ever before.