[Zoho Connect] September 2023 Updates

[Zoho Connect] September 2023 Updates

Zoho Connect has recently introduced several new features and updates.

Live Broadcast

Whether it's a company event, or an AMA (Ask Me Anything) with management, Connect makes it easy to stream it live to 10 employees or 10,000. Sessions can also be recorded so members of your team can access them anytime.

Although the Live Broadcast feature is part of Connect's Ultimate Edition, users subscribed to other plans can still purchase it as an add-on.

Personal Dashboard

To each their own. This is the principle behind personal dashboards in Zoho Connect's internal networks. While the main dashboard acts as a bulletin board for the entire organization, individual users can now configure their own dashboards by using an array of widgets to create a personalized information architecture. Each user can only create one dashboard for themselves.

Save Post as Draft

Zoho ensures that users never have to worry about losing their content. Zoho allows users to begin composing their posts and save them as drafts for future editing. This feature enables users to conveniently work on their posts at their own pace and return to them at a later time.

Integration with Zoom

With the new Zoom integration for Zoho Connect, users can conveniently schedule and join meetings directly from Connect. This integration enables teams to leverage the features of Zoom for their online meetings without leaving the Zoho Connect environment.

Voice Notes

Zoho allows users to express their thoughts and opinions by recording audio notes and sharing them within posts and comments. This feature enables users to communicate in a more dynamic and engaging manner, enhancing the overall user experience.

Permission-based User Roles for Groups

Previously, as part of the Ultimate Edition, Zoho has introduced user-based custom roles to manage activities at the organizational level. Now, you can use the custom roles you've created to assign permissions within a Group. For example, if the network admin has created the role of 'Trainer', Group admins can now assign the role to their users for specific activities.

Please note that only users who are part of the Group will have the permissions assigned to them.

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