[Zoho Cliq] May & June 2023 Updates

[Zoho Cliq] May & June 2023 Updates

In the last two months (May and June), Zoho has updated Cliq with some of the most recent features and enhancements.

Assign paid licences for Cliq to certain users

When the number of users is higher than the number of licences, we now have the freedom to choose which users will pay for licences and which will get free access. This process of giving out permissions can be done easily through the admin panel, especially by looking at the list of users. The admin panel is a place where administrators can go to see and change user information and rights. By using the user listing part of the admin panel, administrators can make informed choices about licence distribution based on user roles, subscription plans, seniority, or any other relevant criteria.

Call conversion from Cliq bar

The Cliq bar in Zoho Cliq has been changed to include a useful new feature. Users can now make one-to-one calls from the Cliq bar straight into group calls without having to leave the Cliq bar interface. This new feature makes it possible to switch from one-on-one call to group conversations without any interruptions. By starting a one-to-one call from the Cliq bar, users can easily ask more people and turn it into a group call, which encourages collaboration and makes it easier to communicate. This improvement makes it easier to switch between call types, saving users time and effort by getting rid of the need to switch between interfaces or apps.

ChatGPT extension v2

Zoho have tightened security and given admins some serious control. Get ready for a safer and more powerful chatting experience.
  • ChatGPT Widget: With the new widget for ChatGPT, we have the ability to configure the extension and make changes to the authentication mode and update the token.
  • Admins can now assign and distribute tokens purchased by the organization to specific users or groups.
  • Better data security: Any data submitted via Zoho APIs will not be used to train or improve OpenAI's models.
  • ChatGPT now takes into account the context by passing the last 5 messages to the bot to provide more relevant and contextual responses.

New date and time format

Zoho have introduced new customization options for the calendar view. Now we can choose which day of the week takes the spotlight at the beginning of the calendar, tailored to our workweek structure. Additionally, they've added the flexibility to switch between 12-hour and 24-hour time formats, allowing us to align our calendar display with our preferred time convention. These enhancements provide greater control over how we organize and view our schedule, making it more personalized and efficient.

Create and manage events
This feature allows us to construct and organise events directly from our phones, ensuring that we are always on top of our schedules. 

Desktop app support discontinued for versions below Windows 8.1

Due to compatibility issues, support for Windows 8.1 and lower versions has been discontinued in the Cliq desktop app.

Deleting conversations as an admin

 Channel administrators can now delete messages sent by other participants in their channels by specifying a reason for deletion.
Unread message summary
On the mobile app, users now have the convenience of obtaining a summary of their unread messages within a specific chat, eliminating the need to read through the entire conversation. By simply clicking on the magic wand icon located on the side of the chat, users can quickly access the summary, saving valuable time and gaining a comprehensive overview of the discussion's key points.

Malware detection in files

For Android users, Zoho have added an extra layer of protection to shield us from malicious files. When uploading a file via the app, it undergoes a background scan to detect any malware. Stay one step ahead of cyber threats and make informed decisions when sharing files.

Multicultural emojis

The iOS app Cliq has been updated to include a vibrant collection of multicultural emoticons in its most recent version.

Replay recordings

Now, all of the meetings will be synchronised immediately in the TV app and will be available for replay.