[Zoho Cliq] Introducing Cliq 5.0

[Zoho Cliq] Introducing Cliq 5.0

Introducing Cliq 5.0

Zoho Cliq is excited to introduce Cliq 5.0: An enterprise-ready and AI-driven solution designed to make your communication smarter and more efficient.

Say hello to a more effective administration

For admins who are managing the tasks of monitoring user communication, user statuses, and other related responsibilities, Zoho Cliq offers advanced control over an organization's data.

eDiscovery and DRP

Zoho Cliq helps handle legal inquiries and maintain data records with eDiscovery and Data Retention Policies.

Audit trails

Audit Logs provide swift and precise oversight. Zoho Cliq provides a snapshot of user activities in chats and channels. More details are available if needed. 

Usage reports

The effectiveness of communication tools relies on user engagement. Admins can track adoption rates and analyze usage reports to see how many hours are spent on various interactions. The usage reports provide admins with insights into the organization's interactions and Cliq usage. With these insights, admins can improve communication.

Status configuration across the organization

Users can customise availability text, set time limits for each status, mandate activity statuses, and more to oversee status settings for their entire organisation in Zoho Cliq.

Centralized management for your channels

The admin panel in Zoho Cliq offers centralised channel management for organisation admins, providing greater control over channels. Zoho Cliq provides granular control over channels, allowing users to easily manage participants, roles, and permissions from a centralised location.

Here are more additions to calls and meetings

As mentioned earlier, Cliq is always at the forefront of current trends, ensuring it meets the ever-growing demand for seamless and effective communication.

Cliq rooms for hybrid teams

Cliq Rooms makes room solutions accessible to everyone. An Android TV can transform any room into a smart conference room. Cliq Rooms connects in-office and remote teams. Employees can meet in person in the office and connect with remote workers using a conference room's TV.

Enhance virtual gatherings with live events

Zoho Cliq now offers a live events feature for hosting virtual events within your organisation. Event organisers have complete control over the event. Presenters can be moved onto the stage and intermissions can be managed with filler media. Additionally, employees can join live events through the Cliq mobile app or the Cliq for TV Android app.

A more intelligent Cliq with AI features

Zoho Cliq revolutionises communication with AI features. With Zoho Cliq, you can say goodbye to long meeting recordings, message tone worries, and endless unread messages. Here's how it can be done:

Meeting summary and action items

With Zoho Cliq, you'll never miss a detail. Discussions can be reviewed seamlessly with AI-generated meeting transcripts in Zoho Cliq. Zoho Cliq's features can detect follow-up tasks and capture critical points for actionable insights.

Tone analysis and auto-correction for messages

Zoho Cliq helps users understand the tone of their texts and receive feedback for improved communication.

Summary of unread messages

Has there been a time when you missed a group chat for hours and came back to find hundreds of unread messages? Zoho Cliq now allows users to generate message summaries for unread messages, making it easier to grasp the conversation quickly.

Set auto-replies when you're away

Cliq can handle auto-responses for you. Use the out-of-office responder in Zoho Cliq to let your colleagues know when you'll be unavailable and when you'll return.

Pin multiple messages in a conversation

When it comes to critical messages, there are usually multiple ones. Users can now easily pin multiple important messages in a chat, keeping essential information at the top.

Revolutionize workflows and productivity

Zoho Cliq has introduced new enhancements that allow users to create advanced extensions and tools. The additions in Zoho Cliq enhance productivity and give users more control over their workflows. Here are the additions: 
  • Images and cards in widgets
  • Unfurl handler in extensions
  • Custom bot menu actions
  • New database fields
  • Webhook token revamp
  • New bot subscription model
  • Toggle input in forms

New Pricing Plans

Introduction of Free, Standard, Professional, and Enterprise plans with various offerings and benefits.

Pricing & Bundling Information

Current unlimited plan users can access professional plan features while maintaining their existing price point.

Trial users have the choice to purchase the professional plan.


Zoho One: Includes the Cliq Enterprise plan.

Workplace Bundle: Cliq's Standard and Professional plans are incorporated accordingly.

People Plus Bundle: Incorporates the Cliq Standard plan.