[Zoho Cliq] Active Noice Cancellation Feature

[Zoho Cliq] Active Noice Cancellation Feature

Zoho Cliq's new active noise cancellation function minimizes background noise and distractions during calls, letting you focus on meetings.

Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC) vs Active Noise Cancellation (ANC)

During audio communication, ENC and ANC suppress unwanted noise. However, they differ in strategy and effectiveness. Noise isolation or soundproofing is ENC's goal. It reduces outside noise and limits sound transmission to provide a controlled atmosphere. ANC, on the other hand, actively reduces ambient noise using algorithms. It analyses audio streams, detects noise, and generates anti-noise signals. Air conditioning, road vehicles, and background conversation can be reduced by this dynamic procedure. ANC cuts incoming sound by 30 dB, reducing unwanted noise.

Zoho Cliq uses ANC for calls to improve audio clarity, eliminate background noise, and give users a personalized, distraction-free experience. Calls, meetings, and remote presentations benefit from this feature's high voice quality and successful communication in varied contexts.

Distractions disappear with Active Noise Cancellation

Background noises cause many issues and distractions. It causes errors, delays, and unnecessary work, which can impede business operations and cause confusion. These issues can be solved using Zoho Cliq's active noise cancellation.

How to check if this feature is enabled in Zoho Cliq

All users have this functionality activated by default. To check or disable it, you can:
  1. Go to Profile & Settings
  2. Select Calls & Meetings
  3. If you turn on Enable audio improvement for calls and meetings, your calls will have active noise cancellation.
  4. Click the toggle to disable this feature.

In summary

Zoho Cliq's active noise suppression function improves your call experience, reducing the need to tolerate distracting background noise or struggle to focus during important meetings. With Zoho Cliq's active noise cancellation, you can finally hear and be heard.