[Zoho Books] November 2023 Updates

[Zoho Books] November 2023 Updates

Hello users!

Zoho is back with the latest features and enhancements made to Zoho Books which includes a new integration, enhancements to custom module PDFs and more. Let's get right into what's new in Zoho Books this November!

Introducing PDF Templates for Custom Modules

Zoho Books now support PDF templates for custom modules! You can attach these PDF documents to email notifications sent for your custom module by selecting the Attach PDF option when sending an email. You can also print or download your custom module PDFs as required. They've also added customization options when editing the PDF from Templates.

Note: This feature is available only in the Premium, Elite and Ultimate plans of Zoho Books.

To edit a custom module PDF template: Go to Settings > Customization > Templates. Select the required custom module. Click Edit.

Integrate with Zoho Notebook

Tracking and remembering the nitty-gritty details of your tasks just got a lot easier! With the newly-introduced Zoho Notebook integration, you can have your very own digital notepad within Zoho Books.

Once you set up the integration, you'll be able to add notes and checklists, upload images, documents and more. Your notes will be visible only to you. This way, you can jot down any information that you'd like to save and revisit it later. You can even download the Zoho Notebook mobile app to view your notes on the go. Note that for this to work, the email ID used to log in to both Zoho Books and Zoho Notebook should be the same.

To integrate with Zoho Notebook: Go to Settings > Integrations > Zoho Apps. Click Install to the right of Zoho Notebook.

Download Customer Statements with More Than 2500 Transactions
Long-term customers of your business might have several transactions with you in any given period. There are instances when you would need a record of all the transactions of a particular customer. Zoho latest enhancement will help with such instances.

You can now download customer statements that consist of more than 2500 transactions. The statements can be downloaded in either PDF or XLS formats, and you can view all past downloads and status of ongoing downloads in the details page. You can also choose to password-protect the downloaded files if required. Note that you can view up to 2500 transactions in a statement on the customer's details page, and download statements with up to 25,000 transactions in one go.

To use this feature: Select the date range for which you want to view the statement from a customer's details page. If the statement in your selected date range has more than 2500 transactions, click the Download Statement option.

Feature Enhancements

Prevent Duplicate Values in Custom Fields

You can now create custom fields in which duplicate values cannot be saved. This can help you record unique details pertaining to a customer like their unique tax ID or reservation code. You can also enable this preference in your existing custom fields if required. However, you'll not be able to do this if there are existing duplicate values recorded for the custom field.

Note: This feature is available for organizations in the Premium, Elite and Ultimate plans of Zoho Books.

To use this feature: Go to Settings > Preferences. Select the module in which you'd like to create or edit a custom field. Click the Field Customization tab. Now, click + New Custom Field to create a new custom field or hover your cursor over an custom field and click Edit. 

Create Tax Group of TDS Rates [Global & Mexico Editions]

You can now create tax groups of TDS rates. Applying a TDS tax group in a transaction will enable you to make multiple TDS deductions. In addition, this also helps you track different TDS rates in different accounts.  

To create a TDS group tax: Go to Settings > Taxes under Taxes & Compliance. Click the TDS Rates tab from the left pane. Click TDS Group Tax in the top-right corner.