[Zoho Billing] October 2023 Updates

[Zoho Billing] October 2023 Updates

Hello everyone,

This month's updates bring a bunch of new features to Zoho Billing (previously Zoho Subscriptions), including branch support for Hosted Payment Pages. Continue reading to discover additional information.

Enable SSO (Single Sign-On) directly from Preferences

SSO is an authentication method that streamlines the way your customers access your Customer Portal. Your customers can access the portal with their existing credentials, such as those of your own service, or from an IdP (Identity Provider) like Google or OneLogin.
Previously, you could configure SSO for your Customer Portal by reaching out to our support team. Now, you can configure it directly from Zoho Billing. To enable SSO:
  • Navigate to Settings > General under Customer Portal.
  • Click Configure in the Portal SSO (Single Sign-On) section.

Note: Once you configure SSO for Zoho Billing, it will be applicable for all the other apps in the Zoho Finance suite.

Branch Support for Hosted Payment Pages

If your organization has multiple branches, when a subscription is created from the Hosted Payment Page, it is created for the default branch. Now, you can associate separate Hosted Payment Page URLs for each branch. When a subscription is created from such hosted pages, it will be tracked under the associated branch.  

Associate One-time Addons from the Customer Portal 

Your customers can now purchase one-time addons for their subscriptions from the subscriptions details page in the Customer Portal.
To enable this feature:
  • Go to Settings > Subscription Management under Customer Portal.
  • Navigate to the Advanced tab.
  • Check the Associate One-time Addons option.

Import Customers with Duplicate Names 

Previously, while importing customers, if you had the same customer display name in your organization and your import file, you could either skip the row or overwrite the existing customer with the customer in your import file. With this update, you can also add a customer with a duplicate display name as a new customer to Zoho Billing while importing.


Redirection URL after adding/updating payment methods

You can now redirect your customers to a specific URL after they have added or updated their payment method from the Hosted Payment Pages. You can use this to provide a cohesive experience to your customers by redirecting them to your own website or even the Customer Portal, instead of remaining on the hosted payment pages.

Prevent Duplicate Payments

You can prevent your customers from initiating duplicate payments for your invoices from the Customer Portal or the invoice payment pages. This will be particularly useful for payment methods like ACH and Direct Debit which take longer to process. Once enabled, the "Pay Now" button will be hidden from your customers for invoices, whose payment has already been initiated, thus preventing duplicate payments. To enable this option:
  • Navigate to Settings > General under Customer Portal.
  • Select Prevent duplicate payments.
  • Click Save.