Why can't my employee see their leave entitlement? [SOLVED]

Why can't my employee see their leave entitlement? [SOLVED]

Sometimes, you get a report from your employees/users that they cannot see their leave entitlement, although the configuration has made them inclusive. So, in this case, what could be causing this?

The most common reason is the user's field value used to determine whether they get the entitlement or not is left blank. For example, you made the annual leave to be given immediately 0 month from the Date of Confirmation. When you leave the field value of 'Date of Confirmation' in the user's profile blank, then the system is not able to give them any entitlement as there is no date to work with!

This is true for other fields as well. For example, maternity leave is only available to Gender = Female. But if you forgot to fill in the field value in the user's profile, it will cause the female employee to not see any maternity leave given to her.

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Nik Khairul
Head of Consulting