Transforming with Carpedia!

Transforming with Carpedia!

We are proud to announce our beloved digital transformation partner and client, Carpedia! Carpedia had been struggling in their fleet management and keeping everything systematically before this. Like many others, their management system hinged on excel sheets and being so, most of their databases are in silos.

Their marketing team also had no way of keeping up with the leads efficiently. The disconnection between the marketing team and the sales team risked the loss of customers.

Finance was also facing a lot of trouble of not knowing real-time data based on the current engagements and payments. This causes their payment process to be lengthy. Their commission before this was also very hard to track and all of these together contributed to business process inefficiency.

Aplikasi came in and suggested Zoho CRM, Zoho Subscriptions, Zoho Campaigns, Zoho Social, Zoho Books and Zoho Analytics as the solutions to their problems. Now, most of their processes are automated, their databases are now consolidated and real-time, and most importantly, everything flows nicely from customer acquisition to billing and procurement.

Here's what they think about their digital transformation, check it out!

If you're interested to be as, if not more successful than Carpedia in your digital transformation journey, give us a holler at and we will more than happy to help you!

Nik Khairul
Head of Consulting